Robert Barrett

Bluegrass Music ​​​​Instructor

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Everything About Bluegrass

Ever wonder why Bluegrass jam session participants seem to be having so much fun?  What is it about this American-made music that is so endearing to so many people?  Just about every time I tell someone I play play Bluegrass they say to me, "I like Bluegrass!"  There's something special about this music that has captivated  audiences for more than 80 years.  It's at times simple, other times complex and intricate.  It's both beautiful in its simplicity, yet demanding and difficult when improvised.  Straightforward acoustic instruments and heart-felt vocals, who could ask for more?

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Become A Solid Bluegrass Picker

Learn the fundamentals and enjoy the satisfaction of mastering new skills.  Whether you're a beginner or you've been playing awhile, it's always a good idea to get one-on-one lessons.  Lesson plans are based on the goals of each student.  Easy to understand practice techniques and learning strategies are discussed and implemented for everyone.  Basic music theory concepts are taught and explained so students can play with more confidence.  Students are referred to local Bluegrass jams to hone their skills and learn how to play in an ensemble. 

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